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... to the homepage of the company Interpens. Here is a little insight into my business activities in the area of historical writing instruments. I'm mainly focused on writing instruments of German brands such as Argument, Aristokrat, Astoria, Faber-Castell, Fend, Geha, Goldfink, Kaweco, Lamy, Montblanc, Osmia, Pelikan, Ric-Lei, Rotring or Soennecken until about 1960. But even writing instruments of foreign manufacturers and recent ones are always welcome! There is almost no problem, that couldn't be solved. However, you should always offset effort and result against each other. I want to advise you fairly, so that we can find a good solution together.

I love to do the small repairs just as an complete restoration. It's always my ambition to reach the original condition of a pen as far as possible. To facilitate this, experiences in technology and materials are at least as important as a diverse stock of spare parts, tools and literature. A useful aid is often only possible, if an "organ donor" exists. Therefore, I want to solicit you for offering me your writing instruments of the above-named brands, even if they are the most hopeless ones. I am grateful for every quote. If you want to contact me you can click here.
Have a nice time!

Lutz Fiebig




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