Selected shop articles

Goldfink no. 4 Safety Pen Hard rubber 14C OM Gold-nib 1930 VINTAGE
Inkwell X2030 by Black Starr Frost Sterling Silver USA 1900 Antik Vintage
Earl of Faber-Castell Box with Platinum-coated Perfect Pencil Brown Wood Leadholder
Caran d'Ache LÉMAN KLEIN BLUE Limited Edition 18C M Nib Fountain Pen Cartridgefiller Inkwell Box
Pelikan M400 Old Style Green-striped 14C OBB Gold-nib Pistonfiller Fountain Pen
Montblanc William Faulkner Mechanical Pencil 0.7 Writers Edition 2007 RARE!
Pelikan M 30 Doublé Cap Pinstripe guilloche 18C B Gold-nib Pistonfiller
Pelikan 111 Gold-sleeve 18C Solid Gold 14C F Nib Fountain Pen Pistonfiller
Montblanc A. Dumas Ballpoint Pen Clip Gold-plated Metal Spare Part New!
Hardtmuth Slider Vest-pocket Pencil Solid Silber around 1910 Enamel Lines four-sided