Selected shop articles

Pelikan P 570 Signum black chrome matte 14C platinum coated M Nib 1980 Cartridge filler
Pelikan P60 Rolled Gold Square-Guilloche 18C B around 1976 Cartridgefiller near mint
Pelikan P60 Rolled Gold Caro-Guilloche 18C HF Gold-nib Cartridgefiller
Parker 45 Classic 14C OBB Gold-nib Fountain Pen Cartridgefiller England
Montblanc 221 Cartridge filler 14C BB Gold-nib 1975 Vintage
Pelikan P 560 Signum Stainless Steel matt 14C BB Gold nib 1982 Cartridgefiller
Montblanc No. 2 Lever-filler 14C EF Heartshaped-venthole Gold-nib Hard rubber VINTAGE
Hardtmuth Slider Vest-pocket Pencil Solid Silber around 1910 Enamel Lines four-sided
copy of Montblanc Meisterstuck 144 Celluloid Pistonfiller 14C OB Gold Nib 1956 Vintage
Earl of Faber-Castell Box with Platinum-coated Perfect Pencil Brown Wood Leadholder